TOP UP your existing Insulation

"I have insulation but it's very low in the roof!"

"In summer it's so hot inside, the insulation feels like it's not working anymore!"

"In winter the heat just escapes out of the rooms!"

"People told me I should have my insulation removed and have new stuff put in there!"

"I heard new insulation is so expensive!"

Insulation is an investment which pays itself off in a short period of time, it's also inexpensive if done right in the first place.


Most of you who have existing insulation, the insulation is more than likely still working.

Something is always better than nothing right?

Yes and No.

Yes depending on:

* How well the insulation was installed in the first place

* Who or whatever may of been in the ceiling space afterwards and possibly disturbed the insulation 

* The type of existing insulation and how old it is


* If your ceiling insulation is patchy or near non existent

* If you have non compliant insulation

* Rorted from dodgy insulation companies during the Government Insulation Rebate scheme

The above can contribute how ineffective your insulation currently is.

Insulation has been around for a long time and compulsory in Victoria for nearly 3 decades.

Since then, there has been great technological advances how we fully understand insulation.

Installing the correct amount is crucial and that's where we come in.

We at Azelia Insulation aren't just insulation installers, we are a retrofitting company that takes pride and looks at each house individually,assessing the best possible outcome for your home. 

What is next?

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