What is Acoustic Insulation?


Acoustic Insulation is a product that can assist reducing the day to day noises from outside and inside your home.

Generally Acoustic insulation Is a much denser product to the traditional standard thermal insulation used in ceilings or walls, what this does is reduces the sound waves from the source to the areas that are or could potentially be affected.

For new homes: Before you build or at least before the plaster is up, this is the perfect time to select acoustic insulation strategically in rooms to floors, walls and ceilings.

We can supply and install the right products for the right applications.

For existing homes: if the noise is from outside generally acoustic insulation in the ceiling should assist. If room to room noise is the issue,  that may require plaster to be removed and acoustic batts installed.

Another benefit with acoustic insulation vs standard thermal is being denser there is less air infiltration, therefore more efficient.


A quieter home = a happier home.