What is Thermal insulation?


Thermal Insulation is a key product that’s designed to achieve thermal comfort within your home.

Insulation can reduce energy consumption (heating and cooling) during the hot and cold periods of the seasons by acting as a thermal barrier but also reducing unwanted heat loss or gain.

Conduction, Radiation and Convection are the 3 heat factors you have to consider when insulating your home.

There are many different types of insulation available today, bulk insulation being the most popular ranging from Glasswool, Polyester, Cellulose, Foam just to name a few.

Reflective foil is also another type of insulation which greatly addresses the radiation during summertime. How foil works is it reflects the radiant heat with minimal emission via a trapped air pocket underneath.

Thermal bridging is a major one most homes get overlooked and is crucial when insulating the ceiling space.

In Victoria, we consider ourselves to be a dual climate.

What this means is in Summer gets very hot, we probably have about 3 – 4 weeks worth of peak, hot and very uncomfortable temperatures and in Winter some very cold temperatures for realistically a couple of months where the heaters are used consistent.

At a time where there the energy prices sky rocket every year we have to think smart. It's not about insulating the home with anything and that should do, the science tells us more now.

When insulating it's crucial you have the right balance of insulation products for your home. In most cases this can’t be done over the phone.

We strongly advise an insulation assessor that has insulation knowledge expertise and experience to come out and assess the home, we can tailor the right insulation options for you.